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Courgette, squash and Quinoa salad with mango dressing made by our HPS school kitchen with the fantastic Year 3 produce.

Year Two children have been making healthy pizzas.

 Science pizza face write up

The Year 5 children are enjoying their summer cooking activities

Year 5 Cooking Quotes

Year 5 Cooking Quotes   Jake – I also really enjoyed cooking in Year Five.  We have made Chow Mein Noodles and Salad Nicoise.  I have loved making the food, tasting the food and taking home the food to eat at home.  I have enjoyed learning about the different ingredients to use, tasting new foods like salmon (which tasted nice –  I really liked

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In EYFS we have been making our own healthy food. Here is our fabulous fruit salad!

In EYFS we made sandwiches. We carefully spread some butter, and then chose if we wanted cheese, ham or jam. They were delicious!

Year Two cooking

The Year Two children have been enjoying making Viking Fruit Biscuits.