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Emergency School Closure

In the rare event that the school needs to be closed without any advanced warning we will follow the procedures below, depending on whether or not school has already started.


a. Facebook We are aware that not all parents access Facebook and do not rely on this forum as a sole message of communication.  We also know that many parents do use Facebook and it is a very effective way of communicating with these parents quickly.


b. Website All information will be posted directly onto the front page of the website:
This website can be accessed via smart phones.

c. Text Message


In the past we used a system to send bulk text messages.  This was abandoned due to expense. Pricing has improved in recent years so we will start using this system again in emergencies. A bulk text message will be sent to the primary contact number for all parents who have supplied us with a mobile phone number. This will be a short message informing you that the school needs to close and what you should do next. You will not be able to reply to this message.

Please make sure the number we have on file for you is up to date.

d. Phone Calls Home


Phone calls are prioritised.  The administrative team will begin to phone parents as soon as the need to close school becomes obvious.  This will be done in a systematic way.  All parents will be phoned, experience has shown that we do not always have the correct contact details so please let us know if your mobile/ landline number changes.  News does spread and some parents will contact us, or arrive to collect children, before we get to call them.





 Text Message
  a.      Radio

Local radio (in the event of poor weather the local radio stations run an update on schools that need to close).

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Heart 103 and 102.7

Star 107 FM Radio


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