Film Festival 2017

The Cambridgeshire
Young People’s Film Festival

Huntingdon Primary take part in the Cambridgeshire Young People’s Film Festival every year. In 2017 we submitted eight films made by our children and five received nominations to go to the awards ceremony in Cambridge.

Winning children were invited on stage to receive their award and watch their film on the big screen, as well as answer a few questions!

Out of our nominated films, four of them won awards!

EYFS: Third Place Overall

Year six: Special Commendation

Year two: Special Commendation

Year Four Movie Club: Special Commendation


A Special Commendation award for their film Growing.

Year 2

A Special Commendation for their film ‘Three little pigs’.

Year 6

A Special Commendation for their film Accidentally Magic

Below are the HPS films that won an award at the 2017 Cambridge Young People’s Film Festival.


EYFS - Growing

A live action tale of how we grow.

Filmed by Early Years & Miss Barton.

Year 2 - Three little pigs

A stop motion animation telling the story of the three little pigs with voice over work by Year two.

Year 4 Movie Club - Defence of HPS

Scripted, acted & filmed by our Year 3 Digital Leaders with a little help from Mr. Henderson on the editing. Filmed using green screen technology with a Macbook Air and edited using Wondershare Video Editor on a PC.

Year 6 - Accidentally Magic

A live action film in which magic happens accidentally, with strange consequences!