Seesaw Parents

Ever wondered what your child gets up to at school?
You might remember we mentioned Seesaw a little while ago. Seesaw is a fantastic tool that we’ve been using in school to record children’s work, collate photo’s and videos of their learning and keep our work organised in a digital portfolio. We have over seven thousand items in Seesaw right now!

On Tuesday 23rd we have an excellent technology @ HPS day planned that you’re invited to from 1.30pm until the end of school. We’ll be giving out your individual Seesaw codes that afternoon to allow you access to your child’s Seesaw portfolio from home.

That means, (if you choose!) your phone can alert you every time we add something about your child – a piece of work they’ve done, a photo of them learning, a video they’re in – anything! You’ll also be able to see the teachers comments and even listen to their feedback!

Find out more about Seesaw:

(for those that can’t make it on the 23rd we will be giving the codes out in the following days directly from class – but come on the 23rd for early access!)


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