School Leaders

Each year we have a range of School Leaders who help propel their subject area forward within HPS.

Applicants from across Key Stage 2 were selected on the strength of their application, how well they represent our school values and for those who reached the short list, how well they completed the finalist’s task.

picture1Tech Experts

James in Year 6
Luca in Year 6
Georgina in Year 6
Cameron in Year 5
Mary in Year 5
George in Year 4
Holly in Year 4
Jake in Year 3
Vicky in Year 3

picture3Maths Experts


picture2House Leaders

Turquoise – Miss Rix
Scarlett in Year 4
Diana in Year 3

Sunstone – Mrs Rigby
Olivia in year 5
Jonah in Year 3

Amethyst – Mr Quinlan
Corey in Year 3
Kiara in Year 6

Garnet – Mrs Delaney
Alisha in Year 3
Ellie in Year 5

Jet – Mrs Jenkins
Meeru in Year 6
Ramsha in Year 6

Sapphire – Miss Ruff
Elsie in Year 3
Matilda in Year 3

Citrine – Mrs Edwards
Zacharie in Year 3
Elyshia in Year 6

Emerald – Mrs Arnott
Alice in Year 3
Deimante in Year 5