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Your teachers are Mrs Delaney, Mrs Sewell, Mrs Timmis and Miss Ruff. The two most recent posts are shown in full below. Older posts can be found in the year four archives. Newsletters and homework are over to the right.

Sound Predictions by Mrs Timmis

Year Four have been busy thinking more about their Science topic of Sound. They shared some interesting discussions and great predictions about where in school the quietest and loudest places might be and why.

Some top predictions for the quietest places in school included the new “green screen” room for movie making, the toilets and the office.

Top predictions for the loudest places in school included the hall (but only during lunchtime) and the playground (but only at set times).

We will be conducting a “sound walk” using decibels to check if these predictions were correct.

Well done Year Four for using careful communication and investigative skills and teamwork.

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Irrigation Systems by Miss Ruff

During STEM week year 4 researched, planned, designed and created their own irrigation systems to keep our allotment watered and healthy!

We are all now experts on making our own irrigation systems and lots of us want to make them at home. Here are some photos of us enjoying making and using them.

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