Football in the sunshine!

imageWe played our match against Stukeley Meadows in the glorious afternoon sunshine today which helped ease a defeat of 9-0. As always, the boys played with great resilience and respect and I am very proud of them all. Charlie pulled off some extremely acrobatic saves which kept us in the match and Kian had a one on one run at goal which he was unlucky not to score. Luke was awesome in defence with Maciek, Emmerson and Oliver, while Alfie, Riley and Jack had some good passing skills on show. It is impossible to choose one person for man of the match as everyone played as a team and tried their best.

I’d like to thank Archie for being a fabulous ball boy, Jay and Matthew for giving up their time to come and support us, the wonderful Miss Newton for once again washing the rather smelly kit and all our parents who offer such great support on the touch line. Let’s hope we can score at our next match!


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