Huntingdon -v- Hemingford Grey

Year 5 had a match against Hemingford Grey on Monday 13th January 2014. We played exceptionally well in the first half and were unlucky to concede a goal before half time. Kian made some fabulous saves which kept us in the game and we had some near misses, particularly a shot by Junior. Unfortunately the second half saw us lose 4-0 but we kept playing and all the players demonstrated good teamwork and should feel very proud of themselves. A very special mention to the lovely Mrs Janice Juggins who was volunteered to wash a rather muddy kit!


5 Responses to “Huntingdon -v- Hemingford Grey”

  1. Mr Murphy

    We can do it, only one nil down at half time! Getting closer all the time!

  2. Mrs H Jenkins

    It is always a pleasure to watch the HPS football team, they keep going no matter what the weather or score!!

  3. Bradley

    Loved the match it was hard, we lost against girls. 🙂

  4. Kian Johnson

    I am a good goal keeper, trained by a girl keeper,better than Joe Hart. Girls can play well like boys can.


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