Narrow defeat against St. Anne’s

A good performance by the team and a narrow defeat to St. Anne’s. It was like playing in the Brazilian sunshine with the sweat dripping off the boys at half time due to the effort they had put in and the spectators sunning themselves on the side line.

We lost an early goal and then Josh scored to draw us level. George W hit the crossbar and Dalton narrowly missed a free kick. At the other end Ben made some fabulous saves with goal line clearances from the team too! St. Anne’s managed to sneak in the winner, after some fabulous shots on goal saved by Ben.

Congratulations to all the team: George W, Dalton, Ben, Nigel, Ethan, Josh, Mahmudul, Oliver, Mitchell and George L. We send good wishes to Kian who was injured on his way to school and missed the match. Thanks very much to Mrs McNamara who graciously agrees to wash the kit without any arm twisting on my part! I am very grateful. Thanks to all our supporters and friends who came to watch the match.

Here we are being silly with our hair and a more traditional pose!

IMG_1816 IMG_1815

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  1. Josh McNamara

    we play really really well boys we were a bit unlucky to lose the match unlucky George White for hitting the crossbar from the halfway line we shall be very proud of ourselves.Good luck on Thursday against stukeley meadows


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