St. Ives Football Tournament Saturday 11th October 2014


The Huntingdon Primary football team was in action yesterday at a tournament in St. Ives. We played 6 matches and displayed all of our school values while we were there:

Teamwork with the players encouraging each other

Resilience when the opposition scored and we did not give up

Courage when we were tackled and getting straight up and on with the game

Pride in our school, our team and ourselves

Respect towards the referees and the other players, shaking hands after our matches

Although we didn’t win any matches we did score 2 goals thanks to Devon and Mitchell and some spectacular saves were made by our goalkeepers Kian and Riley. Our match results were:

Huntingdon 1 Warboys 2

Huntingdon 0 Westfield 4 (Westfield went on to win the tournament)

Huntingdon 0 Somersham 3

Huntingdon 0 Godmanchester 2

Huntingdon 0 Stukeley Meadows 2

Huntingdon 1 Crosshall 4 (runners up in the tournament)

I am extremely proud of all the players and would like to thank all the parents and friends who came to cheer us on and especially thank Jay for his assistant manager role.






Here we all are after the tournament finished. Some of us were rather muddy!
Just after Mitchell scored. Check out those smiles!
Half time team talk with Jay and I.
Jay photo bombing the team photo before our match!

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  1. Perry Sanger

    It’s not all about winning it is the taking part and representing the school that matters most.


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