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Welcome to the Year Six page! Your teachers are Mr Geary and Mr Quinlan.
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Hinchingbrooke transitions

Hinchingbrooke transitions

A few bits of info for those children visiting Hinchingbrooke school for transition days this week:
Children should be in PE kit; the top should be in their new house colour. The day at Hinchingbrooke School on Tuesday will be 9.50am-2.30pm.
If you wish, children can come to HPS first on Tuesday morning, but must be escorted by a parent or make their own way to Hinchingbrooke School for 9.50am.
On Wednesday and Thursday the day at Hinchingbrooke School will be from 8.40am-3.30pm and children can wear their normal HPS uniform.
There will be no transport provided on any of the transition days.
Residential return

Residential return

The Year 6 residential coach is making good progress – we’re expecting them back on time, ready for you eager parents to collect! Please come to the school office at 3.20pm and your children will be sent out to meet you.

Children have to come in to the school to be counted – those parents that arrive at the same time as the coach, you will *not* be able to collect children directly from the coach. Please wait until your children have gone inside, then collect them from the school office.

We’re sure you’re looking forward to having them back! Thank you!

Y6 Residential

Y6 Residential

Imagine 4 days of intensive spy training, it all comes down to this – track down the double agent!

Team working skills, code-breaking, survival and resilience. A spy plane has parachuted in equipment, now you just have to solve the puzzles. Morse code, ultraviolet messages, cryptic cyphers, codes hidden in reflections, ‘two grey geese fly south for winter’ and finding the secret code to open the safe.

Which teams will succeed and who is the double agent?

Hinchingbrooke Year 7

Hinchingbrooke Year 7

Going to Hinchingbrooke in Year 7?

This is a message from Hinchinbrooke’s Transition team about their Get Ahead booklet, which you can download below.

Dear Parent / Guardian,

I am delighted to introduce an initiative to you as part of Hinchingbrooke’s Transition process; the Get Ahead Booklet. Following feedback from staff and students, we have prepared a series of tasks for students to work through between now and when they start at Hinchingbrooke in September. Much of the work will be set as homework in the final half term by the current Year 6 teachers. The work should be completed on separate paper for each subject, so that it can be stuck inside the front cover of their new exercise books in English, Maths, Science, Geography and History.
Completion of the tasks in this booklet will help students by:

  • Introducing them to the topics they will study in September
  • Helping them with organisation skills in terms of completing all the tasks in the allotted time
  • Encouraging them to work independently
  • Giving them an opportunity to continue to use and develop subject specific skills over the Summer

If you have any questions about the tasks in this booklet, please feel free to contact the Lower School Office ( who will be able to pass on your question to the relevant member of staff. Students can also ask questions during the Transition lessons or across the Taster Days in July. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to meet staff from all of these departments (and others) at our Taster Evening event on 5th July. More details about Taster Days will follow in due course.

Thank you for your continuing support with the Transition process and specifically with this initiative.

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