HPS is taking part in World Maths Day, which will be held on Wednesday, 7 March 2018! World Maths Day is the largest maths competition in the world, with more than 4 million students from over 17,000 schools in 200 countries!

An online Hall of Fame (worldmathsday.com) will track points scored in Mathletics throughout the competition with prizes to be awarded to the top students and schools. To play, just log into Mathletics.

Points scored in Mathletics are converted into dollar donations towards UNICEF, so taking part helps this great cause too.

In Zimbabwe it costs $15 a year for a child to go to school. Just 10% of children are able to pay this. Every point earned as children play on Mathletics is converted into cash that goes towards UNICEF’s education program in Zimbabwe.

Children playing Mathletics today, or any day for the rest of the year, will be increasing the amount of money that goes to UNICEF without any cost to you.

Every child deserves an education!

Find out more: 3plearning.com/unicef/

We hope to see HPS children high up the leader boards tomorrow!