In school we increasingly use IT technology to support pupils’ learning.

The Seesaw and Tapestry Apps we use in school is a private space that only our staff, children and parents can access. Seesaw and Tapestry portfolios are protected and only the parents of a child can see their child’s work and pictures. Occasionally more than one child is present in a picture and both child’s parents will be able to see that item.

If this is the case please bear in mind that you should not be sharing this item with the rest of the world without asking the other child’s parents first. Not all┬áparents have the same view about the public sharing of their child’s photos.

Internet Access
Using any school device is tracked, monitored and filtered at appropriate levels for children and staff. We run an in house system at HPS that allows us to instantly block anything that we deem unsuitable.

All content is moderated and approved by teachers before the ‘outside’ world can see it.