We have been incredibly impressed with pride and effort you have been putting into your home learning over the past week.

This week in English we are going to be exploring different Greek Monsters with the aim of creating our own and writing a wanted poster for. The key skills you will be focusing on include, using prefixes, different sentence starters, descriptive language, use of subheadings and writing in clear paragraphs. We will continue to focus on time in maths and this week we will be working towards solving duration problems.

This week we are looking at a new set of 15 words from the Year 3 list. We will not be focusing on specific spelling rules this week but instead different spelling strategies we can use to help us remember the words spellings You will also l have a mixture of multiplication and division problems to solve daily.

This week in English you are creating your own Greek Monster! At the end of the week you will be creating a wanted poster to try and capture your Greek Monster. But, where are you going to keep it once you have captured it? Your project for this week is to design where you are going to keep your Greek Monster. You may wish to keep it in a Labyrinth like the Minotaur, a deserted island like Medusa or a cave like Cyclops (I have attached pictures for your reference). It is completely up to you. We would like for you to design and build your chosen home for your Greek Monster. You could make it out of cardboard, straws, string, paper, wood and so on… you could even build it out of Lego!

Good luck with this weeks home learning. Remember you can ask Miss Reeve or Miss Martin any questions.