Birthday Treats

by | Oct 31, 2018

We understand that some children may wish to bring in a small cake or some sweets to share with their class on their birthday. This is fine, but please bear in mind a few things;

  • There is no expectation to send in treats on a birthday.
  • A number of our children suffer from food allergies, please be mindful of the items you send. For example we do not accept products with nuts at all. You may want to avoid sweets with animal products (like gelatine) in them, as not all children will be able to eat them. If you are sending home made items please include an ingredients list.
  • Items are limited to one per child, not a goody bag each.
  • Please only send in treats for birthdays or present giving days for those that don’t celebrate birthdays. We won’t be giving out treats for other festivals or occasions (with 500 birthdays every year at HPS we give out more than enough already!).

We are trying to support all parental views and there is a range: some parents do not wish their children to eat high sugar foods, artificial flavours etc; some children can not eat certain foods on health or faith reasons. If in doubt we would prefer that you give out any treats after school has ended when there will be a parent/carer to ask.

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