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Help us get more money for your children

Despite carefully worded statements on TV, the government schools budget has been cut in real terms (check how much HPS is down). This means that we are able to buy less than we previously could to provide for your child’s education. Less money can mean less resources, fewer staff or a delay to buildings work. 

Thankfully, there’s two easy things you can do to help us get more money from the government!


1. Register for free school meals

The government awards the school extra money for each pupil that is registered for free school meals.

So, even if you don’t want school dinners and would rather a packed lunch, registering for free school meals if you qualify will mean the school gets extra cash to go towards the education of your child (you can register without actually having the school dinners!).

Anyone registered for Free School Meals also gets a discount on school clubs and trips, as well as one free piece of uniform! It’s well worth it!

Find out how to apply for Free School Meals here.

Check how much money your local school is down, including HPS.

SchoolCuts screenshot

The school cuts website has a map that you can search to view each school in England and see how much that individual school has lost, and how much the Local Authority is down.

If you’re interested in how they calculate the figures you can read about their methodology here.

2. Census Day – Help us play the game.

The government has a slightly odd way of deciding on a chunk of school funding.

On one special day each year, the government counts how many children at HPS have a school dinner – both free school meals and normal paid for meals count. They then award us a good wedge of funding based on that number of children. This can be as much as £70,000 extra depending on how many children have that school dinner!

So, on this special day, if everyone in school had a school dinner on that one day, we’d get a massive amount of extra money for school. We would encourage you to order a school meal on this day!

The day is different each year, but we’ll always tell you a few weeks before that it’s coming up.

We know it’s a little odd,
but such is the way of government funding decisions!