Special Guide

Covid-19 and School

 Thank you for the many positive comments and messages of support we have received. It is wonderful to have the children at school!

We’ve collected together the information we think you need to know about the new normal on this page.

f you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to here, please do get in contact with us.

Download this guide

We’ve put together all the information on this page, plus a few extra bits, in a full colour 12 page booklet that you can download here.

Please note some of the information in this PDF may have changed since it was created, especially around school times. Any information on this page takes priority over the PDF.

Face Masks / Coverings

Children do not need to wear face coverings or masks at school. However, we would ask adults coming on to site in the mornings and afternoons to please wear a face covering. Even with the seperate entrances there will still be bottle necks where distancing may be difficult. A face covering will reduce the risk in these situations.

Not sure if you should send your child in?

Non-COVID Symptoms


Send them to school as normal if you feel they are well enough to come in.

COVID Symptoms


Protect them and others by keeping them off school.

Dial 119 or go to gov.uk/coronavirus to arrange a test. Your household and child should self-isolate until you have the results.


Contact your GP
or call NHS 111

Local Education Authority

The Cambridgeshire Education Authority have provided these guides around Covid-19 and absence from school:

New Resources

To minimise the sharing of resources, at the start of term each pupil will be issued with a brand new:

  • Individual named water bottle.
  • Toolkit – stocked with essentials including a pencil, fine liner and coloured pencils plus other classroom essentials.
  • NEW for September -we will be issuing each child with a PE bag for their kit. Clean PE kits should be brought to school on a Monday and will be sent home on a Friday to be washed ready for the next week.

Talking with your class teacher

Staff are not able to take verbal messages on the playground. Instead, if you need to contact us you can:

E-mail the office


Call the office

01480 375113

Message the teacher

Send a difrect message on Seesaw.


Could we ask that children do not bring rucksacks or bags into school. No equipment is needed and children should only bring their PE kits and packed lunch boxes.

PLEASE NOTE – from January 2021, the timings of the school day will be changing to the following:

Changes to the school day


8.50 to 3.10 pm Monday to Thursday

8.50 to 2pm on Friday

YEARS 1 – 6
8.45 to 3.20 pm Monday to Thursday

8.45 to 2pm on Friday

Access to school

We’ve re-arranged how children and their adults come on to the school site to keep mixing and bottle necks to a minimum.

  • Children can come onto site and walk straight into class.
  • Parents/ Carers are asked not to enter beyond the barriers on the relevant playground.
  • There will be a school adult at every door to signpost the children in.
  • Other adults will wait inside to greet the children and organise handwashing.
  • The gate on Horse Common Close is open for general access.

PLEASE NOTE: Children in Reception to Year 3 may be accompanied onto site by one adult from their household.
Children in Years 4 to 6 should leave their adult at the gate. Gates will all have a member of staff standing at them.

Visual Risk Assesment

We’ve put together a document outlining the individual steps we’re taking to keep us all safe.

This document was written as children began returning to school in smaller groups, so the dates mentioned are in the past.

The risks and our steps to mitigate them are still relevant, so we’ve kept this document available for you to read. 

How we will minimise contact between groups of staff and pupils.

 The following practices have been put in place:

  • One-way circulation (or dividers) in corridors; Accessing rooms directly from outside where possible;
  • Staggered break/lunchtimes;
  • Children to be supervised at toilet areas.
  • Introduction of drop-off/pick-up protocols that minimise contact (see map);
  • Rearrangement of classrooms with sitting positions 2 metres apart (with pupils occupying the same desk where possible);
  • Limited use of shared resources and prevention of sharing stationery and other equipment where possible;

  • Consistent groupings of staff/pupils wherever possible with minimal mixing;

  • Conducting regular classroom activities outdoors where possible;

  • Reduction of unnecessary travel where possible;

  • Provision of additional support to children as necessary to follow these measures;

  • Emergency evacuation procedures reviewed and adapted to ensure compliance with social distancing rules.

Covid-19 affected policies

Listed below are the policies and guidance documents which have been created or updated due to the impact of Covid-19. Use the search box to quickly filter the policy list. You may want to take a look at our other school policies. You can do that on the policies page.

Back to school guide
1 84 downloads
1.68 MB March 4, 2021
Back to school letter – LA
1 11 downloads
525.95 KB March 4, 2021
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
1 146 downloads
1.10 MB March 17, 2021
Cambridgeshire Covid Safe Christmas
1 8 downloads
327.44 KB December 18, 2020
Covid-19 Catch Up Spending – Autumn 2020
1 25 downloads
179.62 KB September 29, 2021
Covid-19 Catch Up Spending – September 2021
1 8 downloads
123.92 KB September 29, 2021
Household Support Fund – Autumn Half Term Letter 2021
1 17 downloads
250.63 KB October 14, 2021
LA Quick Guide to Covid Absences
1 16 downloads
27.76 KB October 5, 2020
LA Rules for Self Isolation
1 34 downloads
93.80 KB October 5, 2020
Letter to parents – Pandemic Update
1 11 downloads
617.66 KB May 14, 2021
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
1 70 downloads
85.70 KB November 21, 2022
Schools Letter – Covid Update April
1 0 download
168.55 KB April 29, 2021