Early years, y1 & y6 staying at home

Information for those children who are staying home in Early Years, Year One, and Year Six will be posted to this page. Check back regularly to stay up to date.

The latest message: 1/6/2020

For children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year six who are not returning to school 


Dear Parents/Carers

We are very aware that the decision about when and if your children return to school this academic year is a difficult one for parents/carers to make. No two family situations are the same and there are many issues for all parents to consider.

If you have decided that your child/children will not return at this stage, there are details below about what the At Home Learning timetable could look like.

Should you be wishing to ‘Watch and Wait’ for a bit longer to see how things develop further; for example the next stage of scientific evidence; there will be at least one other opportunity for you to make the decision for your child/children to return to school this year.

The first of those dates is Monday 22 June. We will make contact again in the week before that date but you can also contact school at any time before then.

Many thanks
Elaine Lynch

Home learning will continue via Seesaw, in a slightly changed form.

The main points:
  • We have a small team of staff who will oversee the online learning programme when the teachers return to teaching in school.  
  • You will still have access to resources online and will be guided on a weekly basis.  This guidance will be placed on Tapestry for Reception children or Seesaw for Y1 and Y6.
  • During the week the class teacher will log in to each individual child’s account to see how they are doing. However, this feedback will be far less frequent than it has been.
  • Although we would like to offer more, sadly we just do not have the staff and resources to do so.

Home Learning Timetables

Home learning timetables for the different year groups are available here. Check Tapestry or Seesaw for more detailed instructions and feedback.

Either at home or school our children use Seesaw to create a digital portfolio of work. In the last 7 days we’ve had:

Items posted


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