Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week, we have been exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

We’ve been busy making porridge for the three bears by mixing oats in big bowls, medium bowls and small bowls. “My porridge is just right!” said Eris after mixing her oats. As a group, we have decided that Baby Bear’s porridge would be perfect for us, as it holds just the right amount of porridge for children!

Speaking of measuring, we’ve had so much fun measuring everything in the classroom! Unfortunately our measurements say we’re too big to go and visit the Goldilocks and the three Bears, as we wouldn’t fit through the door of the cottage! Luckily we have our own Cottage role play area in the classroom that we’ve been retelling the story in this week.



Covid-19 & School

Welcome to the new normal! In these strange new times school has changed a bit and there’s new ways of doing some things. We’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for HPS.