Happy we arrr’ back!

What a busy week we’ve had in Early Years!

This week we’ve been exploring our new topic: Pirates! We came back into the classroom on Monday to find our very own pirate ship! It came with a treasure chest full of pirate things. We’ve been making use of the pirate hats, eye patches and telescope, but they’ve left us with lots of questions. Katie wants to know “where do pirates live?” and Teddy really wants to find out “what is treasure?”  We’ve been writing down our questions so we can find out the answers. We hope we can get to the bottom of these mysteries!

Also this week, we’ve had a visit from Mrs Griffiths, our school cook. She brought lots of lovely root vegetables with her and we had lots of fun seeing and feeling them all. Then Mrs Griffiths let us taste the vegetables. Poppy loved the Turnip and Aaliyah loved trying the swede. Some vegetables were more popular than others, but the favourite was definitely the carrot!


Covid-19 & School

Welcome to the new normal! In these strange new times school has changed a bit and there’s new ways of doing some things. We’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for HPS.