Her majesty the Queen

Year 1 have had a great start to the new Spring term. We have started to explore our new topic ‘Her majesty the Queen’. We have been busy in English learning the story of ‘The Queen’s handbag’ which we had fun acting out. This was really useful for our writing. In Science we have been exploring Forces, in particular – push and pull. This has linked nicely to our D.T. where we have been thinking about how vehicles move. We’re looking forward to designing and making a vehicle for the Queen. Lastly, in PE we have been learning different ways of moving our bodies, practising gymnastics.

We are learning about traditional tales this week!


Covid-19 & School

Welcome to the new normal! In these strange new times school has changed a bit and there’s new ways of doing some things. We’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for HPS.