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We asked our children what the words Hope, Love, Peace and Joy meant to them. The quotes on this page are the children’s responses in their own words.


Hope means you have faith in everything you do and in everyone else

I think hope means really wanting to get something – not always just for yourself

Having hope means getting better or hoping to be better

Hoping for second chances

I hope that the world stops using palm oil

Hope is a wish you would like to come true

Hope is believing in yourself and wishing for better

Hope is when you wish for something to happen

I hope that everyone is always nice and kind to others

I hope to stop pollution forever!

Hope is part of having a positive mindset

I hope plastic pollution stops and the oceans heal

Hope is light in the darkness


Love is when you want to spend time with someone.

You don’t just have to feel love towards people, you can love what you do. For example you can love to dance.

It is important to love yourself.

You might love your friend and family differently.

Love has different meanings for everyone. It can be tricky to describe what it feels like.

Love is sharing something with the people we care about.

There are different types of love because people love in different ways.

Love is something that can progress. For example you might start by liking something but you will grow to love it.


Peace is finding a calm and quiet space in your mind.

Living in harmony can promote peace across the world..

We wish for peace in places where there are wars or conflicts.

Showing kindness and respect demonstrates a peaceful attitude.

Being at peace might mean that your body feels relaxed and your mind feels free.

Where people do not respect the idea of peace, there should be consequences.


Joy is about lifting our spirts and those of others. This brings us happiness

Joy is feeling happy and doing something you love.

Joy is when you make others happy and you are happy within yourself.

Joy means you are happy even if you don’t have a lot.

Joy happens when we share great moments with people.

Joy is contagious.

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