Important: Seesaw change

by | Mar 17, 2020

You may already be signed up to Seesaw as a parent. However, to support home learning we need your children to be able to access their own account from home in case of a school closure. This will allow them to post work to their portfolio and have it properly recorded, and also allow them to receive feedback from teachers. It will give them access to the same seesaw tools that they get in school. Your parent account does not have access to these features.

Each child has a special login code that they can use on the seesaw website to log in, or on the seesaw Class app. This is different from the seesaw families app that you probably already have.

These special codes will be coming home today or tomorrow. The codes can be used like a password by your child to sign in as many times as needed over the next few months to submit work, on as many different devices as needed.

Here’s a little video on how to sign in using these codes:

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