by | Mar 28, 2018

Dear parents,


Our school, along with a large number of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough schools, received an anonymous email at 1.40pm today. The content suggested that a car would be driven at pupils after school. The Local Authority advised all affected schools to contact the police, which we have done, and we have since been advised to be vigilant and follow our normal school procedures. If we identify a specific threat, we are advised to call 999 and request police assistance.

We have not informed pupils and are continuing business as usual. I would ask that we all work calmly together as a school community of parents, staff and Governors to maintain high levels of vigilance and to continue to ensure as much as we possibly can, a safe and happy environment for our pupils to come and learn in.

Please can I ask you to be vigilant at pick up, collect your children swiftly from the playground and let us know if you spot anything unusual.

Please be assured that the safety of your children remains our paramount concern.

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