Learning from home

by | Mar 9, 2020

Preparing for possible school closure:
Have you registered on our digital learning platform Seesaw? In the event that school is required to close for an extended period of time we would be providing a learning program from home so that your children can still take part in their learning. To access this you will need to be registered for Seesaw.

If you are not already registered, please ask your class teacher for a Seesaw code.
You can access Seesaw using any device that has internet access including most phones, tablets or computers – to watch videos, complete worksheets and use other learning materials at home you
may find it easier to use a device with a larger screen like a laptop or tablet.


For Early Years:
Our early years use a similar system to Seesaw called Tapestry. To register for Tapestry you will need to supply your class teacher with an email address so that you can be sent an invitation.

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