Mrs Town absence

Dear Parents

RE: Mrs Town.

You will be aware that Mrs Town has been away from school for the last two weeks.  She has been signed off ill by the Doctor.  I am not in a position to know when she will return to school.

During this time, we are working very hard to maintain consistency for the children, to this date we have been fortunate to have Mrs Foster working with the children.  Mrs Foster will be working with the class again next week.

After next week, if Mrs Town remains away from school, Mrs Spink will teach the children.  Many of you will know Mrs Spink because she taught most of the children when they were in the Early Years      (Mrs Spink returns from maternity leave next week.)  We know that this will be a popular decision because Mrs Spink knows your children well and they enjoyed working with her.

As you know the children always work with team of adults in Year 2 rather than one teacher and this system continues.  If you have any questions at all please contact us:

Mrs Walton, Lead Teacher in charge of Year 1 and Year 2.

Ms Lynch, via the school Office.

Thank you.
Elaine Lynch (Ms).



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