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You can read our policies in detail using the links below. If you would like to see a policy which is not available here then please get in contact.

Download “Pupil Data Privacy Notice (GDPR)” Pupil-Privacy-Notice-HPS.pdf – Downloaded 42 times – 234 KB

Download “Online Safety Policy” Online-Safety-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 130 times – 655 KB

Download “Data Protection Policy” Data-Protection-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 102 times – 214 KB

Download “Supporting Children with Medical Conditions” Supporting-Children-with-Medical-Conditions-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 101 times – 254 KB

Download “Parent Protocol” Parent-Protocol-poster.pdf – Downloaded 147 times – 161 KB

Download “Anti Bullying Policy” Anti-Bullying-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 114 times – 317 KB

Download “Prevent Duty Statement” Prevent-Duty-Statement.pdf – Downloaded 111 times – 309 KB

Download “Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Report” School-information-report-2018-1.pdf – Downloaded 130 times – 429 KB

Download “SEND policy” SEND-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 125 times – 226 KB

Download “Safeguarding Child Protection Policy” Safeguarding-Child-Protection-Policy-1.pdf – Downloaded 126 times – 287 KB

Download “Complaints Procedure” Complaints-Procedure.pdf – Downloaded 109 times – 356 KB

Download “Safer Employment Policy” Safer-Employment-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 108 times – 293 KB

Download “Whistle Blowing Policy” Whistle-blowing-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 124 times – 231 KB

Download “Behaviour and Discipline Policy” Behaviour-and-Discipline-Policy-Jan-2017.pdf – Downloaded 101 times – 724 KB

Download “Physical Handling Policy” Physical-Handling-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 97 times – 151 KB

Equality Objectives

The School is committed to promoting and achieving equality of opportunity for all students, parents, staff, governors, visitors and job applicants. The School aims to create a working environment in which all individuals are able to make best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment, and in which all decisions are based on merit.

Download “Equal Opportunities Policy” Equal-Opportunities-Policy.pdf – Downloaded 109 times – 225 KB


The behaviour of our children is something that we take pride in. We have a page all about how we approach behaviour which provides some useful information alongside the policy document.

Please note the below policy relates to hiring spaces within the school (like the school hall for instance). If you’re looking to use space in our development centre we have a separate HPS Development Centre site that can give you a lot more information.

Download “Charging Remissions Policy” Charging-Remissions-Policy-2.pdf – Downloaded 99 times – 391 KB

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HPS Development Centre is a venture from Huntingdon Primary School as part of the HemHunts partnership to provide a high quality training venue for education professionals.

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