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Pupil Premium 15/16

For the academic year 2015/16 Huntingdon Primary School’s Pupil Premium allocation is £182,940.
This money is being used towards helping provide the following initiatives:

Planned SpendAim
Breakfast Club


To help pupils start the day with a healthy meal.  This allows them to come into school alert and ready for learning.

The money has funded provisions and resources to the club.

Additional Teaching – to close the gap

£48,500 (teacher)

£88,500 (TA)

Extra lessons.
Group and individual support.
Inclusion leadership.Breakfast and afterschool staffing
Inclusion Workers


To support pupils through all different aspects of life and to teach social skills and self-esteem.  These staff members also support families.
Learning Resources


Cirriculum resources to support pupils
Funding Places on School Trips


To ensure the children are able to participate and to give the children the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities.  A percentage of the cost of trips and visits was paid.
Play Therapy


Small group work
Funding Club Activities


Subsidised places at school clubs allowing the children to participate and to give children the opportunities to experience new and challenging activities.


Provision of school milk every day


Provision of 1 cardigan/jumper to all entitled children


The impact of this spending can be clearly seen in the pupil data outcomes.  These show that the gap between pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium at Huntingdon Primary School and schools elsewhere, together with the gap between the pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding and other pupils are narrowing.

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