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Welcome to the Early Years page! Your teaching lead is Miss Barton.
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Tapestry Guidance

Tapestry Guidance

Dear all,

We are really enjoying seeing all of your learning over Tapestry. You are all doing a fantastic job.

If you are finding any challenges using the app, please see our step by step guide below:

Once logged in:
1. Click ‘add observation’.
2. Write a title (it will not save without this).
3. Add your child by going to ‘select children’ (it will not save without this).
3. Write an explanation in the notes area, if you would like to.
4. Attached a picture/video by going to ‘start upload’ at the bottom of the screen, if you would like to.
5. Click ‘save’. This will usually be in the top and bottom right hand corners of the page.
6. The observation will be sent to us.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Welcome back

Welcome back

Hi everyone in class 1 and class 2. We are so excited to be back! Hopefully you had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to getting back into your online learning. You will see a few posts from Miss Neep and I this morning, including some online resources and a message from Ms. Lynch.

This week in Maths, we are thinking about size. We look forward to see you ordering your toys and using vocabulary such as ‘big, small, little, large, biggest, tall, short, tallest, shortest, medium, middle sized, nearly as tall’. In English, our story of the week is ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’, and we will be practising some of our phonics skills, as always! Our weekly project is all about keeping healthy, we know this is even more important at the moment (this is part of our health and self-care). We are looking forward to seeing your healthy dinner plans!

Have a great first week back!

Audible stories

Audible stories

Good morning!

As you will have seen on Tapestry, we suggested a website to explore to find some new audible stories to listen to. Here is the link to the direct page:

Head to the littlest listeners page for some fantastic stories and rhymes.

Home learning

Home learning

Dear class 1 and class 2,

Well done for all of the home learning photos, videos and explanations you have sent us so far. Miss Neep and I have been very impressed!

Remember to check Tapestry everyday for your English and Maths sessions. If we need to use our website page for an internet link, we will let you know this in our Tapestry posts.

Keep it up – you are bringing smiles to our faces!

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