Shepreth Wildlife Park

Year Two had a fantastic time on our school trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park! When we arrived we had a meeting with a zoo keeper who told us a lot of information about what the different animals need to survive. We also got to meet some different animals, including a rat, stick insect, snail and a snake! We then walked around the park to see the different animals which were amazing! We saw a tiger up close and were fascinated by the meerkats! We heard a talk about the two red pandas that live there and the zoo keeper told us all about how they train the animals.

We were extremely sensible and all the adults felt super proud – well done Year Two!


Covid-19 & School

Welcome to the new normal! In these strange new times school has changed a bit and there’s new ways of doing some things. We’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for HPS.