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Sports Grant Funding 15/16

For the academic year 2015/16 Huntingdon Primary School’s Sport Grant  Funding  was £ 9755.

This money is being used towards helping provide specialised coaching sessions as part of PE lessons and to provide necessary equipment.

Below is a breakdown of funding and expenditure


Sports Funding Received

September 15 to March 16

Amount Sports Funding Received April 16 to Aug 16 Amount Total academic year 15-16
Sept 16 – March 16 (7/12th) £5,690.00 April 16 – August 16 (5/12th) £4,065.00 £9,755.00
Expenditure  Expenditure  
Huntingdon Gymnastics £2,070.00 Huntingdon Gymnastics £1,170.00 £3,240.00
Equipment £382.00 Equipment £806.00 £1,188.00
St Neots Learning Academy £8,200.00 St Neots Learning Academy £5,180.00 £13,380.00
 Total £10,652.00     Total £7,156.00 £17,808.00


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