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Welcome to the Year Six page! Your teachers are Miss Ruff and Mr Quinlan.
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What a week in Year 6!

What a week in Year 6!

Home learning in year 6 has been very impressive this week! Pupils have shown determination, creativity and passion as they have worked.  Our focus has been algebra, inferred writing, and on the town of Huntingdon: its amazing impact on our lives and the lives of those before us.  Throughout the last few weeks pupils have explored the history of Huntingdon, becoming active members of Huntingdon society by investigating the present needs and make up of the town, and then finally looking into the future of our town.  

We have seen such pride and imagination in writing and projects, with some children really finding a passion for setting a scene.  In both English and the weekly projects, the children have been able to decipher and improve scenes from fantasy and reality.   

In maths, the children have started working with algebraic expressions and operations.  Each day, the pupils have challenges themselves to learn and apply key features of algebra, such as calculation, formulae and expression.  They ended the week completing a quiz based on the vocabulary and concepts they learned.  

The teachers and TAs of year 6 are so proud of the work handed in this week and it has been a struggle choosing the shout-outs each day due to the amazing work handed in.  Congratulations to Baker, Giuliano and Katie-Anne for Star of the Week!  They have been recognised for reliance, respect, and pride towards themselves, their work, and those around them.  It is a real pleasure seeing your work and ideas, though it is not the same as in person.  In keeping with the spirit of the anniversary of VE Day, we ask that you all take time to feel proud, happy, and cared for.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again!  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.  


This is Me

This is Me

Another great week of home learning Year 6! We are incredibly proud of the efforts you are putting in and would like to thank everyone that has posted on SeeSaw this week. The children have spent this week considering what makes them special and unique. They have explored their talents, their loves and passions and their goals and aspirations for the future. We have seen such pride in these pieces of writing, and some children have gone above and beyond to uplevel their work to ensure it is their absolute best! These will now be collated ready to go on their end of year reports.

In maths, the children have been working out percentages while continuing to look at data. They ended the week by collecting their own data to present. The children have chosen to present their data as either bar charts, line graphs, pictograms or pie charts. Some interesting questions for their data collecting this week and some mathematically stunning presentations!

We have had so much to be proud of this week and there have been many shout outs for those children who have excelled each day! Today the children will find out who has won ‘Home Learning Star of the Week’ for standing out all week in their home learning. Check in on SeeSaw at 9.30 to see if it’s you!

We miss you all terribly, and cannot wait until we can be back together. Until then, stay safe and we look forward to seeing your brilliant work on SeeSaw!

Statistics and Dragons!

Statistics and Dragons!

After a busy first week back after the Easter Holidays, Year 6 have enjoyed an excellent week of home learning! Year 6 were challenged to design and pitch their Lockdown solutions in the style of Dragons Den! Over the week, the year 6 entrepreneurs considered what made a successful pitch, designed their products, and then wrote up their persuasive pitch to the dragons! With ideas ranging from “Communication Bands” for staying in touch with relatives, devices to help with boredom at home, and some aimed at dealing with wider world problems, there was some excellent work on show! Want to see for yourself? All the pitches were completed on our class blogs, so go and look at yourself!

Class 15:

Class 16:

Class 17:

In Maths the children looked at calculating the average of data in several ways, including the mean, mode, and median, and were then challenged to apply these skills to evaluating the success of different superheroes.

There has been so much superb work on the show, it has been a real treat to see the pride that the children have shown in their Home Learning tasks! The teachers had a tough job picking the Star’s of the Week and who to give the Student Shout outs to each day! Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings!

Daily Stories

Daily Stories

Good Morning Year 6.

David Walliams is posting free audiobooks daily from his collection of stories. If you follow this link, you can listen to him reading his stories each day.

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