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Your teachers are Miss Reeve and Miss Martin.
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Home Learning

Home Learning

We have been incredibly impressed with pride and effort you have been putting into your home learning over the past week.

This week in English we are going to be exploring different Greek Monsters with the aim of creating our own and writing a wanted poster for. The key skills you will be focusing on include, using prefixes, different sentence starters, descriptive language, use of subheadings and writing in clear paragraphs. We will continue to focus on time in maths and this week we will be working towards solving duration problems.

This week we are looking at a new set of 15 words from the Year 3 list. We will not be focusing on specific spelling rules this week but instead different spelling strategies we can use to help us remember the words spellings You will also l have a mixture of multiplication and division problems to solve daily.

This week in English you are creating your own Greek Monster! At the end of the week you will be creating a wanted poster to try and capture your Greek Monster. But, where are you going to keep it once you have captured it? Your project for this week is to design where you are going to keep your Greek Monster. You may wish to keep it in a Labyrinth like the Minotaur, a deserted island like Medusa or a cave like Cyclops (I have attached pictures for your reference). It is completely up to you. We would like for you to design and build your chosen home for your Greek Monster. You could make it out of cardboard, straws, string, paper, wood and so on… you could even build it out of Lego!

Good luck with this weeks home learning. Remember you can ask Miss Reeve or Miss Martin any questions.

Home Learning

Home Learning

Good morning Year 3,

This weeks project is really important because we would like everyone to create a self-portraits which will go onto the front cover of your end of Year 3 school report. Therefore we are expecting high-quality pieces of art. We would like everyone to try their hardest.

This week in English we will be looking at a new myth called Pandora’s Box. In Maths we are continuing with learning about time. This week we will be focusing on telling the time to the nearest minute, AM/ PM, and the 24 hour clock system. This week the spelling rule are are focusing on is words with the ay /eI/ sound spelt ei, eigh or ey. This week’s words are: veil, neighbour, eight, reign, they, obey, beige, sleigh, vein, weigh. 

We have left up the ‘This is Me’ written assignments for your reports in case you still need to complete the written activity for your reports.

Remember if you need any support with your home learning you can always ask Miss Martin or Miss Reeve a questions.

Home Learning

Home Learning

We are so incredibly proud of Year Three and it has been a joy to see your home learning each day, we would like to thank you all!

Over the next week we will be reading the Greek myth of Icarus and Deadauls. We will then be writing a diary entry from the point of view of Icarus. In Maths this week we are going to be looking at telling the time. We will also be learning how many days there are in each month. Remember to work through the PowerPoints and listen to the instructions before completing your assigned work. Your spelling focus this week is words from the Year 3 list of words. This week you will need to use your times table knowledge to help you answer the daily division questions. You can also use last weeks methods to help you.

As you would of seen last week our History focus for this term is all about Ancient Greece. This week though, we are going to start looking at the Olympics and how it has changed since it was created in Ancient Greece.

Keep smiling Year Three and we look forward to seeing your wonderful work and achievements on Seesaw.

Miss Martin and Miss Reeve

Home Learning Summer Week 2

Home Learning Summer Week 2

Hello Everyone,

We had another great week last week of Home Learning. This week in Maths we are learning to use column method to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. We will also be looking at different strategies to divide a two digit number by a one digit number. This week’s English activities are very important as they will go into your end of Year 3 reports. Miss Reeve and I will write about how you have got on with Year 3 and this is your chance to add your own thoughts to your report.This week we are continuing to look at suffixes. We will focus on the suffix -ly with the root words ending in ‘le’ and ‘ic’.

For your project this week you need to create a fact file about the Ancient Greeks and answer this question: Who were the Ancient Greeks and what was life like? 

We would like to encourage you all to be physically active from home and Hunts School Sports Partnership have put together some great resources to help us do this. You can find a general overview of weekly challenges on your Seesaw account.

We are looking forward to seeing your amazing work from this week. Good luck.

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