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Welcome to the Year Two page! Your teachers are Miss Fussell and Miss Hollison.
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11th – 15th May

11th – 15th May

Wow! What a week we have had. It was a joy to see all of the thought and effort that went in to your weekly projects this week. We are very impressed with your jungles and the different resources you used to make them.
See you all next week, with a new story and new activities! )

VE Day

VE Day

Friday the 8th May 2020 saw the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Year 4 really got into the spirit of the day and completed a variety of activities from home linked to this important date in history. We were code breakers, using Morse code to crack hidden messages. We reflected on old photographs from the time and some of the words from Winston Churchill. We even designed our own VE Day celebrations!

A fantastic day of learning Year 4, well done!

Mrs Edwards

Freddie’s Fundraising

Freddie’s Fundraising

This morning we were blown away to hear about the fabulous fundraising that Freddie had undertaken when he was inspired by Captain Tom Moore.

Freddie’s mum posted: Freddie has been in awe of Captain Tom Moore (like the rest of the nation). It inspired Freddie that he would like to help the NHS in his own way. On Sunday 3rd May, Freddie invited his friends to run/bike/walk or scoot 1 mile (obviously social distancing and in allowance of going out to exercise or to do it in their back gardens). The target was set at £100. Freddie and his friends raised a fabulous £465. Here is his video:


11th – 15th May

Home Learning

Good morning Year 3,

This weeks project is really important because we would like everyone to create a self-portraits which will go onto the front cover of your end of Year 3 school report. Therefore we are expecting high-quality pieces of art. We would like everyone to try their hardest.

This week in English we will be looking at a new myth called Pandora’s Box. In Maths we are continuing with learning about time. This week we will be focusing on telling the time to the nearest minute, AM/ PM, and the 24 hour clock system. This week the spelling rule are are focusing on is words with the ay /eI/ sound spelt ei, eigh or ey. This week’s words are: veil, neighbour, eight, reign, they, obey, beige, sleigh, vein, weigh. 

We have left up the ‘This is Me’ written assignments for your reports in case you still need to complete the written activity for your reports.

Remember if you need any support with your home learning you can always ask Miss Martin or Miss Reeve a questions.

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