House Points

House points can be earned by children for a whole variety of achievements throughout the term. Each time a house point is earned children will get a token to deposit in their house box in the Pink Hall.

At the end of term we add them all up and the winning house gets a prize!

Cambs Film Festival

HPS children take part in the Cambridgeshire Young People’s Film Festival each year – going up against all the schools in the Cambridgeshire area. Our first year of entering won us two category first place awards! View 2016’s entries here.

View 2017 ceremony & films

House Team Half Term Winner May 2017

Emerald win for the second time in a row with a massive 864 points!

Second place was a close fought battle with just 14 points covering Turquoise, Garnet and Amethyst. Amethyst just managed to keep their second place on the podium for the second time in a row. Can they make that final step up next time?


  • Emerald 864 100%
  • Amethyst 708 82%
  • Garnet 702 81%
  • Turquoise 694 80%
  • Saphire 618 72%
  • Jet 616 71%
  • Citrine 574 66%
  • Sunstone 510 59%

Attendance award

Each term the class with the highest overall attendance record wins an award. In recognition of their achievement the winning class gets a special reward or trip out.

The current term Attendance Award winners are: Class 11!