Safety in a digital world

E-safety is sometimes a daunting word, and the digital world can seem like it’s full of dangers. We have systems and policies in place at School to help protect our children in the education environment. But what about when they’re not in school?

What can we do to protect our children?

Simply being aware of the dangers will make the most difference. Yes, the online world contains many hidden risks, but there are also dangers in the offline world and we don’t address those by severely limiting children’s freedom – we give our young people the necessary guidance and allow them room to explore.

That’s how we should approach online risks, too. The internet is full of fantastic opportunities for children to learn and grow and we’d hate for them to miss out.

National Online Safety

Huntingdon Primary School is a National Online Safety Certified School.

Don’t forget, you can access handy parent guides and over 100 others courses, presented by Mylene Klass, for free as part of the Huntingdon Primary National Online Safety membership. Ask your class teacher for the sign up link if you’ve not already got an account.

Wise Up Wednesday

Every wednesday we post a new guide for parents, focusing on a different app or website that your child is likely to encounter, on our Seesaw App.

Each guide is a snappy three minute read, with an overview of the app in question, quick steps you can take to make it safer, and a prompt for the sort of conversation you might need to have with your child around any concerning aspects of the app.

Check out Seesaw for the latest guide!

Net Aware (From the NSPCC)

Type in the name of any app or service and net-aware will give you a safety rating and tell you what to watch out for. A great starting point if your child is using an app you’ve never heard of!

Looking for a way to start that all important conversation about social media, gaming and other online activities with your son or daughter? Check out the latest issue of Digital Parenting magazine now, and download your free digital copy.

HPS E-Safety Policy

Report a concern

CEOP is dedicated to keeping children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online.

They are there to help and advise you and to make your child safe. You can report to CEOP if you are concerned that your child is being sexually abused or groomed online. This might be from someone they know or someone they have only ever met online.

Parental Restrictions

Parental controls on smartphones and tablets can block access to websites containing adult content.

Mobile phone companies can filter content rated 18+ at the network level – check with your mobile provider whether this filter is on or off.

The UK’s main mobile providers (e.g. Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three) automatically block 18+ rated content through the Active Choice network-level filtering system.

But remember, these filters only work when the device is connected via the mobile network, not Wi-Fi.

Your mobile’s operating system may also include safety features and you can set restrictions on the App Store and Google Play. Click a link below to find out how to do it on your phone.