About our Children


Our children are members of one of eight house teams. House tokens are collected throughout the term for various achievements in school and at the end of each term we add up the totals for each house.

The winning house gets a special treat and at the end of the year the house with the most tokens overall get to do something really special! You can see the current points totals in the graph, which we update at the end of every half term.

  • Garnet 1560 100% 100%
  • Emerald 1535 98% 98%
  • Sapphire 1307 83% 83%
  • Amethyst 1294 82% 82%
  • Jet 1265 81% 81%
  • Citrine 1237 79% 79%
  • Sunstone 1168 75% 75%
  • Turquoise 1072 68% 68%

A celebration

Our home  learning stars

Great things are happening!

Each week our teachers think carefully and pick some of the best home learning from each year group. Can you spot your work (or even yourself!) in our video?

Want to be in the video next week? Keep doing great work and uploading it to Seesaw - you could be picked next time!

We will be creating more content like this to try and share the great things that are happening in the HPS community, even while we are apart.


Attendance is incredibly important to the education of our children and makes a big difference to a child’s ability to do well at school.

Studies show that an attendance level of less than 96% will have an impact on a child’s ability to be successful at school. Below 90% and things start getting really hard.

Each week our classes compete to have the highest attendance percentage, with the highest scoring class at the end of term getting an extra special treat. This shows the leaderboard so far this year, updated weekly.

Current Weekly Winner:

Whole-school attendance percentage for the year to date and the previous week:

100-96% – Best chance of success

95-91% – Less chance of success

Below 90% – Makes it hard to progress


Back to school guide

School is back! Thank goodness. There are some changes to the daily operations so we’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for you.