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At H.P.S. Pupil Voice plays a very important part in helping us to be the best that we can be. We know that our school is a great school and we have celebrated a few of the very best things on the ‘STARS’ page. The LIGHT BULBS represent the bright ideas for ‘even better ifs’.

This booklet is a summary of our thoughts for the coming year.

Thoughts for the year

As well as continuing to improve learning, this year we wish to extend our good work beyond the H.P.S. community.

We have written a Promise to help us remember how a good Citizen behaves. We are also excited to see how the PLAYGROUND PROJECT develops.


Making our school and community better places. I promise to be someone who…

  • shows respect to the environment and others.
  • demonstrates pride in all they do but they are also proud of others.
  • is polite to people, even if they don’t like them.
  • shows team work to help get things done in the community.
  • is kind and caring.
  • will go the extra mile for their community.


This school year our chosen charities are…

  • EYFS and YEAR 1 – Dreamdrops
  • YEAR 2 – East Anglian Children’s Hospices
  • YEAR 3 – MIND
  • YEAR 4 – Magpas Air Ambulance
  • YEAR 5 – The Children’s Society
  • YEAR 6 – Wood Green Animals Charity

Our school is great because

  • EYFS Our learning journeys where we put work we are proud of.
  • Year 1 I like getting to spend time with other children who are in other classes.
  • Year 2 I think that we are good at growing different fruit and vegetables in the allotment.
  • Year 3 We have a lot of extra events in school to make school life more exciting.
  • Year 4 We love our tool kits because all of our resources are in one place.
  • Year 5 A good thing about our school is that we get to raise lots of money for charities.
  • Year 6 Topic Themed days eg Victorian Day, when we get to dress up and do activities.

It could be better if

  • EYFS We would like visitors to come in and do art projects with us.
  • Year 1 Next year I would like to speak to children from other schools like pen-pals.
  • Year 2 We would like to do more litter picking so the school looks tidy.
  • Year 3 We would like to go on more trips and visits, especially local ones that we could walk to like the library.
  • Year 4 We should go over to the old people’s home and play board games with them to keep them company.
  • Year 5 Next year I would like to do more outdoor learning.
  • Year 6 We would like to do more work and projects with other schools: secondary schools and other near-by primaries.

Pupil Leaders

To be a Leader at H.P.S. we must be a strong role model; have a thirst for learning, exploring and developing ideas.

Our Leaders support each other, they are generous with their time to help others and know that we all have different talents and skills. Leaders always demonstrate our 5 School Values.

Additional thoughts

Our children and adults have had many thoughts on learning at HPS.

Read the report to see what we think in each subject.

Halloween Disco

It's our Halloween Disco this Thursday (18th). Tickets are coming home today for those that ordered them. Tickets include a drink and a packet of crisps (don't lose your ticket as this will be what you swap for your drink and crisps!). There will also be additional...

Flu Vaccine

For parents of all chidren at HPS *except* Year 6: A reminder that if you want your child to have the nasal flu vaccination you must return the consent form by Tuesday 16th October at the latest. The nurses will then be collecting the forms so handing in after that...

School Cuts

In recent weeks you may have heard about the funding crisis in schools and the disagreements between schools, educators, campaigning groups and the government about how large the cuts really are. For context, here are a few handy links: Schools funding has been cut by...

Open Day

We'll be holding an open session for prospective 2019-20 Early Years parents to come and see our school. Come join us on Wednesday 17th October, from 2pm-3pm to find out what we're all about! Our school office can be contacted on 01480 375113, or you can just turn up...

Job Opening

We are looking for a Site Assistant Initially available as a Temporary Role. £9.78 per hour. We are looking to appoint someone to assist with site security. This role would include: Being a Key Holder. Opening the building at 7am and closing the building at 7.00pm....

Welcome to


Huntingdon Primary School

Call us on 01480 375113 and talk to Tina, our Office Manager.

Join us at team HPS

Join us on our learning adventure! We welcome mid-year admissions as well as new starters every September.

Our prospectus is updated annually

Huntingdon Primary School is an expanding primary school of nearly 500 friendly pupils. Rated as Good, with areas of Outstanding, by Ofsted we’re on a journey to provide our children with the best possible learning experiences.

Our school is a large, friendly school with a strong team spirit where we demonstrate our school values every day – Pride, Resilience, Courage, Respect and Teamwork. We are known as Team H.P.S.

A connected school


Learning Network


At HPS we use a learning network called Edmodo that allows children to communicate, share and collaborate with each other and teachers from wherever they are – home or school.

Download the Edmodo app on your device or login using a browser below.

Pupil Portfolios


Seesaw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school and allows parents to see what’s happening in school, as it happens, and comment on what they see.

Download the Seesaw app on your device or login using a browser below.

Online Payments


Parents/carers can pay for school meals and selected school trips online using our Agora online payments system. View your balance and pay in advance without needing to handle cash.

Login with a free Microsoft account to make a payment or view your balance.


Our children lead the way

House Points

Our children are members of one of eight house teams. House tokens are collected throughout the term and at the end of each term we add up the totals for each house. The winning house gets a special treat and at the end of the year the house with the most tokens overall get to do something really special! View the details.


Attendance is incredibly important to the education of our children and makes a big difference to a child’s ability to do well at school. Each week our classes compete to have the highest attendance percentage, with the highest scoring class at the end of term getting an extra special treat. See the winners.

Open Data

We have lots of systems that our children and parents use in school and from home to enrich their learning. We publish live data from many of these systems, broken down by class and year group, in nice graph form over on our Open Data page. See the data here.

  • Jet 104 100%
  • Garnet 100 96%
  • Sapphire 92 88%
  • Sunstone 92 88%
  • Citrine 87 83%
  • Amethyst 82 79%
  • Turquoise 51 49%
  • Emerald 32 30%



A new venture for 2017 sees our children producing content for HPStv, our school Youtube TV channel. Crewed, edited, starring and produced by our children.

Our children run HPSnews, conducting interviews and in the field reports on what’s going on in and around Huntingdon Primary.
Our trained pupil HPStv technicians help with longer format filming projects around the school, including submissions for the Cambridge Young People’s Film Festival.
HPStv helps the other pupil leadership groups produce video content, including things like the Maths Experts making instructional videos to help others improve their maths techniques.

What’s coming next

october, 2018

17octalldayalldayParent lunch class 17

18octalldayalldayHalloween Disco

29octalldayalldaySchool closed for training

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Writing for a real world audience

At HPS our children write their own blogs! Blogging gives our children the chance to write for a real world audience. When their audience is the whole world, children are motivated to be the best writers they can be. Our pupil blogging network, hpsblogs.net, is populated with content written by our own children and is read by visitors all over the world.
Our year group pages feature news and information, usually written by the teachers, from each of our year groups about what they’ve been up to lately.

Year Group Pages

See what our children are up to on their Year Group page.


Read the class blogs written by our children for the world to read.

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