Earrings Policy

by | Jun 3, 2019

Our School Policy on earrings.

Following on from advice from Ian Roberts, Advisor for PE and School Sports for Cambridgeshire County Council I would like to remind you that earrings must not be worn for PE/Games lessons and during any sporting after school clubs.

They need to be removed completely, children are no longer allowed to put tape round them. Children who wear earrings will not be able to take part in practical lessons, but will be able to take on the role of umpire, referee, and coach where appropriate.

Please find below details from the County Council Guidance as to why earrings should not be worn;

The reason not to wear earrings (or any jewellery) is that it can lead to injury for the wearer and for others in the class and it is the teacher’s duty of care that must apply here. The reason is both about tearing of the ear lobe, but also the post of the earring going into the neck which is where the brachial nerve is running directly to the brain. This is also national policy from the Association of PE (AfPE).

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