Go Team Go!

Maths has been a real brain-teaser as we have been recapping long division.

Matilda feels that it “is okay, but I do struggle with it a bit. It is good to use at times, because when people get jobs, they will have to know it.”

The classes have been working very hard on this and the pupils have all been impressed by their ability to use long division on a variety of problems. In English we have been focusing on the key features of a complaint letter.  Pupils are taking on the role of a cross parent who is writing to Camp Green Lake about how their child, Stanley, has been treated.

Working with this scenario, we have also investigated the concept of time zones. Pupils have been solving word riddles concerning what the time would be in different parts of the world if they were to travel around the globe to different locations, including different areas of America.

Lastly, we are so excited to congratulate our Spelling Bee participants, with 1st placing going to Team Emerald, 2nd to Team Turquoise, and 3rd to Team Citrine! Well done Year 6 (Kaliya, Angel, Hannah, Qian Qian, Diana. Kinga, Jossin, and JJ).


School Returns

It's a new school year and things are starting to return to normal. There are a few changes to the entrances and start/end times for each year group.