Home Learning

We are so incredibly proud of Year Three and it has been a joy to see your home learning each day, we would like to thank you all!

Over the next week we will be reading the Greek myth of Icarus and Deadauls. We will then be writing a diary entry from the point of view of Icarus. In Maths this week we are going to be looking at telling the time. We will also be learning how many days there are in each month. Remember to work through the PowerPoints and listen to the instructions before completing your assigned work. Your spelling focus this week is words from the Year 3 list of words. This week you will need to use your times table knowledge to help you answer the daily division questions. You can also use last weeks methods to help you.

As you would of seen last week our History focus for this term is all about Ancient Greece. This week though, we are going to start looking at the Olympics and how it has changed since it was created in Ancient Greece.

Keep smiling Year Three and we look forward to seeing your wonderful work and achievements on Seesaw.

Miss Martin and Miss Reeve


Covid-19 & School

Welcome to the new normal! In these strange new times school has changed a bit and there’s new ways of doing some things. We’ve put together a resource page of information and guidance about what it means for HPS.