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Sports Grant Funding 16/17

For the academic year 2016/17 Huntingdon Primary School’s Sport Grant  Funding  was £9930.

This money was used towards helping provide specialised coaching sessions as part of PE lessons and to provide necessary equipment.

Below is a breakdown of funding and expenditure


Sports Funding Received

September 16 to March 17

Amount Sports Funding Received April 17 to Aug 17 Amount Total academic year


Sept 16 – March 17 (7/12th) £5793 April 17 – August 17 (5/12th) £4137 £9,930
Expenditure  Expenditure  
Huntingdon Gymnastics £2160 Huntingdon Gymnastics £990 £3,150
Equipment £344 Equipment £457 £801
St Neots Learning Academy £11,670 St Neots Learning Academy £6120 £17,790
 Total £14,714     Total £7567 £21,741


We have built strong partnerships with St Neots Learning & Sports Academy and Huntingdon Gymnastics Club.

The spending enables pupils to take part in a wide variety of sporting activities, during the academic year the pupils take part in 15 sporting activities.  In addition, we provide 7 extra-curricular sports clubs.

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